Monday, January 11, 2010

MAC in Lillyland Haul, Review and Swatches

I suppose it's about time that I got around to posting my MAC in Lillyland haul. I originally only purchased Florida Cremeblend blush, but I loved it so much that I went back and got So Sweet, So Easy as well.

Florida Cremeblend blush
This is a gorgeous shade of bright fuchsia. It can look a little intimidating in the pot, but if you just use a tiny bit, it's quite easy to sheer it out. I've worn this a couple of times already and it's great. I simply apply and blend with my fingers and set it with powder. It lasted all day on me.

So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend blush
A nice bubblegum pink. Would work well for just a hint of colour if you're going for a more natural look. You could also intensify the colour by setting it with a powder blush.

So Sweet, So Easy (left), Florida (right)

These are the first creme blushes that I've purchased. My skin gets so dry in the winter, and creme products are great for this.

I do also have Rubenesque paint pot that came out with this, though I got it a long time ago, as it's part of the permanent collection.

I didn't pick anything else up, though the Lipgelees are quite pretty. I recently took inventory of my lipglosses, and I have far too many, so I skipped those. The Pearlmatte Eye Shadow is faily sheer, so I passed on that. The Pearlmatte Face Powder is one of those items that is really pretty to look at, but I'm not sure how often I'd actually use it, so I skipped that as well.

What does everyone else think of this collection? Did you get anything?


  1. For some reason, I've never really been that into creme blushes but Florida looks so pretty in your swatch I just might have to branch into them!

  2. I'm not big on cream products, but So Sweet So Easy looks great for a natural "glow from within." I didn't pick up anything from this collection... I'm trying to save up for some NARS! :)

  3. @D I have never been into creme blushes either, but when I was at the store, it just looked so pretty and I decided why not? I brought it home and liked it so much that I went back for So Sweet, So Easy!

    @Arianne it's definitely a good colour for a nice natural glow. I love NARS, but they're definitely $$. Gotta save up for a while before getting much from them! :)

  4. Was curious if Florida would work on fairer skin - do you know what you are in MAC foundations? I'm tempted to get one cremeblend but I did make a resolution to prioritize and not buy things I don't need...

  5. @blu3 I'm NC20 or NC25 in MAC. The thing that I like about Florida is that you can use a really small amount and blend well for just a hint of colour, but also use a bit more product and build up the colour if you wanted something more intense.

    It can be hard to prioritize what to buy. I'm trying not to spend for the next little while either because there's a ton of stuff from the Colour Forecast collection that comes out next month that I want to get!