Saturday, February 27, 2010

Essie Van D'Go from the Art of Spring Collection

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a great weekend! I had a bit of a tiring week so I decided to stay in tonight and just relax. Part of my relaxing included working on swatches and here's one of the polishes I did:

Essie Van D'Go

Essie Van D'Go from the Art of Spring Collection. This applied a bit streaky. Here I've applied 2 coats, but I guess maybe I should have applied a 3rd to even it out completely. I do really like this colour though, a nice peachy pink that totally reminds me of Spring.


  1. it looks super pretty and girly I've never tried essie polishes because I hate having to apply 3+ coats I think this one looks kind of similar to mac coconut ice (which I have) but I still wanna try essie some time :)

  2. Cute. I like the Pop Art by Essie more though. It's more... Pink. :D

  3. @Mariana - I hear you on having to apply a lot of coats with certain Essies. I don't mind though if the colour is one that I really love.

    @The Asian Pear - I tend to like pinks more as well, but I like this for a bit of a change. So many pretty spring colours out now!

  4. Pretty color... I like it for Spring!

  5. Too bad it's soo streak, cause the colour looks AMAZING against your skin tone!