Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Details On My MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

A few gals suggested I add more details on what I got from the MAC warehouse sale, so here you go!

Brushes - 272, 189, 165, 231, 180
Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 - This was $10! I just bought it at the store for $38 a couple weeks ago!
Skin Refined Zone Treatment

Stuff I got from $3 bins - mini mascaras, lashes, Clinique and Estee Lauder makeup removers, mascara wands, mini Fix+
Also pictured are some items from a gift set - Blacktrack fluidline, lashes, Blitzed glitter liner, a mini 209, mini Zoomlash.

Cleanse Off Oil
Blushes - Other Worldly, Fleurry, Notable
Mineralize SPF15 Foundation/Loose
Paint pots - Quite Natural, Moss Scape, Perky
Clinique brush on cream liner in Bronze
Fly By Blu Pearlglide
Mink brow set
Wonderwhite glitter liner
Molten Sol liquidlast liner

Spectacle! High-light powder from the Dame Edna collection.
Perfect Topping MSF
Just a Pinch gel blush - so excited to get this!
Glitters - Reflects Blackened Red, Reflects Transparent Teal, Reflects Antique Gold
Deep Blue Green pigment

Lipsticks - Semi-Annual, Lickable, Hipster, Brave New Bronze, Way to Love, Marquise D', Full Fuchsia, "Red" She Said, Kanga-Rouge, Lavender Whip, Hue
Lipglasses - C-Thru, Gold Rebel, Loving Touch See Thru Colour, Not So Shy See Thru Colour, Looks Like Sin cremesheen, Grenadine Slimshine, Identity monogram lipglass

Eye shadows - Bright Future, Pen N' Pink, Poison Pen, Newly Minted, Signed, Sealed, Silverthorn, Femme-Fi, Apres-Ski, Chill, Of Summer, Arctic Grey, Vellum, Et Tu, Bouquet?, Henna, Bold & Brazen, Glamour Check!, Star By Night, Lotusland

Looks like I need to have a depotting party soon!


  1. This is a drool worthy post. I wish we had those types of sales here in CA.

  2. @marisol hey girly this is totally an amazing sale I get it but man I also wish we had stila warehouse sales hehe :P

    So very fabulous. you won't believe I don't remember seeing those brushes (2nd & 3rd from top) you gotta tell me what you use them for :) maybe next time I can get them

  3. This haul is massive, girly. But I'm sure you got a great deal. Too bad I wasn't able to find/get a ticket =(. I hope I can go next time. Do you have any advice?

    P.S. I want a 189 brush too... I shall try CCO over the border lol

  4. oh where are these sales when I need them, I can't find any in Toronto! Perfect topping MSF = LOVE

  5. Makeup porn! I'm SOOO jealous! Have fun with your new products! =)

  6. @marisol - I'm still jealous you guys have CCOs though, and you can go to those any time and not need an invite. :)

    @Mariana - They were all on the same table hehe, unless they didn't put them out until later, but they were probably there. I will let you know how I like them when I try them! :)

    @Rica - I know, I can't believe how much I got. I was lucky to find a lot of things I was looking for that I hadn't picked up in past collections. As for how to get a ticket, I'm not really an expert on that, it's hard for me to get them too! The best way I know (other than knowing someone who gets them) is through Craigslist or Kijiji. Have you been to a CCO before? I haven't, but would love to go sometime, too bad we don't have those here! :)

    @Ms. Champagne - I find I hardly ever reach for any of my MSFs, but Perfect Topping really does look pretty.

    @Marce - Thanks! I'm sure I'll enjoy everything, it's just overwhelming, I don't know where to begin and what to try first! :)

  7. Holy jealousy batman! I am drooling!

  8. I can't believe you got mini Fix+ and lashes for $3 each! Wonder how easy it is to transfer from the big bottles of Fix+ to these little cuties?

    I love the haul girl! That brush with the sexy handle (looks like UDPP :P) is love love love.

  9. Fantastic haul! Kinda wished I picked up more stuff, especially the MAC cleansing oil (but happy with the Origins one I picked up). Yes, depotting party is due:)

  10. extremely drool worthy haul XD

  11. oh my, I want so bad. I got an Estee Lauder company store invite card today through work which I was pleased about, but nothing looks like this haul! JEALOUS!!! :)

  12. OMG, I need those 1st and 4th lashes! *o*

  13. OMG, I'm totally jealous on you. You got so many products. I only wish that MAC will come in my country too. :D

  14. Wow. What a loot! Those eyelashes are wild!

  15. girl! you scored. So many amazing things!! Im so excited for you! AND the 180 brush! lol..

  16. wow, awesome haul! which day were you there? i was there Sunday and there were no more mascara wands, mascara, lashes :(

  17. this is the biggest mac warehouse sale i have ever seen so far haha.