Monday, January 26, 2009

How Much Is My Face Worth?

I've seen a few lovely girls - TheNotice, Ginger Won't Snap and Fabulously Broke In the City doing posts about how much their face is worth. That is, how much is spent on all the products they use on their face. I thought it'd be fun to write everything down and see how my worth adds up!

Ok, so I've always know that I'm a huge beauty addict and that I probably spend WAY too much on cosmetics. I'm getting a glimpse at just how much after tallying all this up. Here goes!

Neostrata moisturizer - $36
MAC Moisturelush eye cream - $36.50

MUFE Lift Concealer - $23
Clinique Pore minimizer Instant Perfector - $21
MAC Studio Fix Foundation - $31

MAC blush (usually Emote or Strada) to contour cheeks - $21
NARS blush - $25

UDPP to as first base - $17
MAC Paint Pot, also as a base - $20
MAC eye shadow (I usually use 3 colours) - $17 each x 3 = $51
MAC Fluidline to line upper lashes - $18
MAC pencil liner to line waterline - $17
MAC Prep + Prime Lash before mascara - $16
Clinique High Impact Mascara - $14
MAC Brow Finisher - $18

MAC Lipglass or Lipstick - $16.50

TOTAL = $381 plus 13% tax = $430.53


Of course, I don't use all this stuff everyday. In fact, I've been wearing barely any makeup or none at all at work lately. I go through phases. Sometimes I'm just too tired to get up 15 or 20 minutes earlier in the mornings so I can do my makeup. That outline above is pretty standard for when I'm going out though.

My makeup collection is pretty ridiculous. I partly blame it on MAC and all their Limited Edition stuff. When it's LE, it's like a frenzy to buy the stuff you want before it sells out!

Speaking of which, I can't wait until next month when the Hello Kitty collection launches! Hehehe


  1. hehehe MAC is indeed addictive! And they make it so easy to buy stuff! At least I save a little money when I buy shadows for my palette rather than as singles... right?

  2. Exactly! Plus with the Back 2 MAC program, we get free stuff when we bring back 6 empties. So really, the more you buy, the more free stuff you get. That's what I tell myself anyway...

  3. Holy cow!

    But you're just like me then. Only occasionally do you wear makeup. I have an urge to buy more eyemakeup but I have a pot that's barely been used, and not only that, I'm boring with makeup, only wearing neutrals.

    Fabulously Broke in the City

    "Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

  4. Thats alright :) I think we're entitled to take good care (and spend on quality items) for our faces since its the only one we have :P

  5. I don't think I want to know how much I have spent on my face. No wonder I don't have a savings account.

  6. Haha I like this idea! :D
    I'm scared to know how much my face costs! :D

  7. This is a great idea! I am going to see how much my face is worth and share...I am scared to see the total...ekk