Saturday, March 6, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

As some of you from the GTA may know, a few times a year, Estee Lauder Warehouse sales are held at Markham Fairgrounds. Brands there include Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and of course, MAC. You need an invite to attend, and these invites are given out to Estee Lauder company employees, I'm not sure exactly who gets them.

I've only been to this sale one time before this in December 2008, so I was very excited to go to this. I went yesterday afternoon, at what seemed like the perfect time, around 2pm. There was no line, I was able to walk right in. Some things were sold out already though, so it can pay to get there super early and line up.

A picture of the goodies I got.

One of my kitties giving me an earful for not being the centre of attention while I was trying to take pics.

There were a lot of good deals. I got Cleanse Off Oil for $12 each. I some goodies in the $3 bins - mini Fix+, lashes, mini mascaras, Clinique and Estee Lauder makeup removers, pack of mascara wands. Got some brushes, a bunch of eye shadows, a couple paint pots and some lipsticks and lipglasses. I'm happy with everything I got. Can't wait to play with all my new goodies!

Anyone else go to this or have been to these sales before?


  1. Yow! Look at all those goodies! One day I hope to get an invite and go to one of these events! Too bad Sephora doesn't have a warehouse sale. Their warehouse is super close to me in MD. =)

  2. Wow nice! I'm jealous you got cleansing oils for $12! thats one of my staples :) Hope to see reviews from you on the colour products!

  3. holy moly girl!! it reminds me of my first ever haul from a mac sale hahaha what number is the frst brush on the left and the closest one to the mascara wands? I don't remember seeing those :P
    nice haul, now you should do FOTD :)

  4. @Jeweled Thumb - Sephora warehouse sales would be amazing, don't we all wish they'd happen! :)

    @blu3 - I know, I love Cleanse Off Oil but haven't bought it very often because of the price. Was so glad to pick up a couple bottles at the sale!

    @Mariana - It's the brush on the left (white hairs) is the 272 seems kind of like an angled version of the 239. The one closest to the mascara wands is the 189. I don't know much about this brush but it's so soft and nice, so I got it. Can never have too many brushes!

  5. Great haul hun =) love the goodies...glad you were able to pick up a bunch of stuff...i surprisingly didn't pick up as much as i did compared to last time, which i guess is good lol...glad you had fun =D

  6. You have to list everything in the picture for me please, lol. Super cool haul

  7. Cute kitty! And daayyyumn girl, where is the "click to expand"? We need deets on what you got! :P

  8. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous!

    Your kitty is super cute! <3

  9. Wow, that's an amazing haul! Hope you post more about what you bought :D

  10. I just fell out of my chair. That is a massive haul!


  11. that's MASSIVE! You have to tell us what you got!

  12. OMG Nice work!!!! LOL I've done a haul like that before...for my wallet's sake I hope I come back with less (I'm going tomorrow). The good stuff will probably all be gone anyway...

  13. hey what charity package did u get?? if you have extras would you like to swap?

  14. whoa nelly! You got way more than i did. This is how my first mac sale haul looked like however since i have my pro card now it doesnt really make sense for me to buy tons... i need to blog about my haul though

  15. omg wait, this was in TOronto??
    i never even knew they had this !
    how do you get an invite?

  16. wow, that is a great haul. I love the fix + in the mini bottles and the cleansing oil.
    Good job!

  17. @charlene-ann - Thanks! Yeah I think I got so much because I've only been to the sale one other time, over a year ago so it was nice to go and get to go a little crazy. I'm excited for all my new stuff! Enjoy yours too. :)

    @Halifax - Did another post with more pictures and details! :)

    @Arianne - Just made another post with more pictures and details about what I got! :)

    @Kittynail - Thanks! She is a cutie, and she loves attention!

    @Magdalena - I did end up posting more details and pictures! :)

    @marisol - Thanks! Hopefully it keeps me busy and for a while and distracts me from new collections... yeah right. :)

    @The Asian Pear - I made a post with more details, took a while. I still can't believe how much I ended up getting LOL.

    @Rock That Look - Yeah my wallet is definitely a lot lighter now. Sounds like you got a lot of good stuff, though it's true, a lot of it sold out so quick, within the first couple hours of Friday!

    @cindycs - I don't think I have any extras, but thanks for the offer! :)

    @Farah - Yeah you're lucky to have a pro card, I wouldn't have bought so much if I did. I have to take advantage of any discounts when I can get them! :)

    @Ms. Champagne - It's in Markham. Estee Lauder company employees get tickets. Sometimes they're sold on Craigslist or Kijiji.

    @Jill-O - The mini Fix+ are so cute! And I'm glad I was able to get some Cleanse Off Oil too, it's a little too pricey for me to buy very often but getting it cheaper is always a bonus!

  18. Now THAT is what you call haulage!!!!

  19. Wow you got a ton of stuff! $10 for the studio moisture tint is awesome. Are you going to the sale in june coming up?