Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Haul, Swatches and Review

The Liberty of London collection came out last week, and of course I couldn't resist picking up some things. I wasn't sure about the packaging of this collection at first, but it has grown on me and I really like it now.

I got all of the lipsticks, Bough Grey and Birds & Berries eye shadows and Prim & Proper blush. I already have Shell Pearl from when it was first released with the Sundressing collection in 2006, but it's not pictured here.

Bough Grey, Prim & Proper, Birds & Berries
Here you can see that each of the eye shadows has a different colour flower on it, and the blush has a design with flowers and a bird on it as well.

Here they are opened.

Bough Grey
Bough Grey is unique because it's a grey with a greenish undertone. I was excited to pick this up, but unfortunately the colour payoff isn't that great and it was really hard to build up the colour for a good swatch of it. I'm hoping that it'll be a little easier to use on my eyes when I use a base and everything. It may take a little work, but I do like this colour.

Birds & Berries
This was the stand out eye shadow in the collection to me. So vibrant and pretty and it has great pigmentation. I've heard it looks amazing with Delft paint pot underneath, and I can just picture how hot that'd be and am tempted to pick up Delft as well!

Prim & Proper blush
A nice, natural blush that has a smooth texture and subtle shimmer. It will look great with Shell Pearl over top of it for an extra "glow from within" look.

Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
I got this ages ago with the Sundressing collection, so it isn't in the special Liberty Of London packaging. I'll admit, it has been sitting in my makeup drawers neglected for the last while because I keep getting new products, but I am determined to give it more love. It makes a great highlight colour.

Shell Pearl, Prim & Proper, Birds & Berries, Bough Grey

Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely, Peachstock, Ever Hip

Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely, Peachstock, Ever Hip

Petals & Peacocks - For some reason, I always seem to be drawn to bright pinks like this one despite the fact that I rarely wear such bold lips out. This is an Amplified finish lipstick, so it is smooth and has great pigmentation.

Blooming Lovely - This is also an Amplified finish. I was a bit worried that this might look horrible on me because I've heard talk of it making people look corpse like. With a light hand, I do like it. It's made even more wearable if I put a baby pink gloss over it. I'm going to experiment with lipliners and such as well. I think it's just not the kind of colour I'm used to, but I do like it.

Peachstock - I didn't even really pay much attention to this lipstick until I started seeing pictures of it on other people, and it looked amazing. I think this may be one of my favorite nudes in my whole collection now. It is a Pro product, so it will still be available at pro stores if you miss out on it with this collection. I'm really glad I picked this up.

Ever Hip - When seeing pictures of this online, I really didn't think I was going to get this, it kind of looks orange in the tube. I swatched it at the store and it's quite sheer on first swipe. You do have to build up the colour for it to be intense. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you were hoping this lipstick to be. Personally, I like that it's a bit on the sheer side. I don't usually wear colours like this because they don't suit my skintone, but this one works. You can of course put a lipliner under, maybe Mouth Off from the Too Fabulous collection and I'm sure that it would be brighter.

What did you think of this collection? Did you get anything?


  1. Nice pics. It's not here in the UK yet but I'm still umming over what I want. Actually, I know I want the vlue polish and Blooming Lovely (even though I already have Lavender Whip).

    Will take the rest in and decide when I see it in the flesh.

  2. Love the haul! I'm on the fence about Bough Grey -- though did you see Em's post on Too Much Blush? She used it over a black base and it was beautiful!

    I think I might order those other two lipsticks (Ever Hip and Peachstock) -- so pretty! I didn't look at them first round because I was too busy swatching Blooming Lovely and Petals & Peacocks.

    And thank you for reminding me which Collection Shell Pearl originally came out for. I have it from then too and haven't used but now I will!


  3. Great pics and swatches! I think I'm going to get ever hip l/s and an eyeshadow-just for the packaging =)

  4. We donT have this collection out yet in Poland, but I know I will definitely get Peachstock! And then we`ll see. I got Gaga and Cindi yesterday :D

  5. Nice haul. Ever Hip and Blooming Lovely were sold out at my counter, I was so sad about it. I might try it online though.

  6. Can't wait for this collection to come out in the UK. I definitely need both of those eyeshadows. And possibly at least one of the lipsticks =)

  7. @VexintheCity - I guess one of the advantages of having collections come out later over there is that you get to see everyone's swatches and thoughts to help you decide what you want before it comes out! :)

    @Lipstick Rules - I did just see Em's post, it looks lovely on her! A black base is a great idea, I'll have to try it. I'm determined to make it work! It's funny that my first thoughts were to get Petals & Peacocks and Blooming Lovely only but when I saw the others, I wanted them too! Plus I'm a sucker for cute packaging. :)

    @regina rainbow - The packaging is so cute! I almost wish I didn't have Shell Pearl previously so I could get this and have it in that cute compact.

    @Rica - Aw, yeah it seems like those 2 are going fast, I saw they were sold out at one of the counters I went to as well. Hopefully you can track them down!

    @Miss Beautify - Hehe let's see if you can stop at 1 lipstick, I was originally only planning on getting 2, but they all ended up coming home with me. :)

  8. @Magdalena - Peachstock is a lovely colour, such a great nude! I hope you like Gaga and Cyndi! :)

  9. Cute package design. I'll have to try the "bough gray" shadow.


  10. No no no! I can't stand reading this article, my eyes have tears inside when I'm looking at these photos. :(( Did you know that MAC is not available in my country and I so want all of these 4 lipstick. These are such nice colors, exactly what my lips need for spring. :)Btw I'm Tavia from Chicprofile but I can't comment on your blog with the option of Name and URL. :(

  11. ooh i see you got all 4 lippies after all! am still undecided about petals and peacocks...maybe i'll get it and think about whether to keep it ;)

  12. Great haul...I love your swatches...I've only gotten the lipglass in English Accents.

  13. I love the packaging! I didn't buy anything(yet)from this collection. I own peachstock already (from before).

  14. Didn't get anything :(

    Living vicariously through you...

  15. awesome pics and review. i can't wait to go check this out in person. after seeing swatches i'm leaning towards the shell pearl and prim and proper.

  16. @Heather - I really like the colour, it's not like any greys that I currently have.

    @Lavinia - Aww, I'm so sorry MAC isn't available where you live. I'm sure you can find similiar colours in other brands. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I love yours!

    @blu3 - Yeah you can always get it and see how you feel about it. I really like it, though it's definitely not an everyday colour.

    @Sofee - English Accents is so pretty! I liked a few of the lipglasses but am trying really hard not to buy new ones for a while because I already have enough I should use up first!

    @Monica - I don't know how I didn't notice Peachstock before this release, I really do love it.

    @marisol - I'll have to be living vicariously through other people soon enough, all these hauls are making me go broke! :)

    @KimWen - Shell Pearl and Prim & Proper are really pretty, and so wonderful when paired together!

  17. It's gonna be a good two or three months till we get this here. I think I'll be picking everything you got, actually! But one or two lippies only and Perennial High Style l/g. Thanks for sharing the swatches!

  18. @Marce - So glad you enjoyed the swatches! Perennial High Style is really gorgeous, as are all the lipglasses really, but I'm trying to put myself on a bit of a ban from buying lipglosses until I finish up some of the ones I have! :)

  19. You really got the stars from the collection! Your swatches are beautiful! Thanks so much!!

  20. For me this is a daily must-have collection. Blooming Lovely is just the name for it, a lovely shade indeed... Thanks for the post and your great photos and swatches!