Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast Eye Shadow Pictures and Swatches

I picked up some of the eye shadows from the MAC Spring Colour Forecast collection. I only set out to buy 4 of them at the time, but they made an error and also included Nanogold with my purchases instead of one of the lipsticks I wanted to get. I decided to just keep Nanogold, it really is a pretty colour.

(clockwise from the top left)
Hot Hot Hot, Perky, Very Violet, Straw Harvest, Nanogold

Hot Hot Hot
I really like this colour, it isn't like any that I have ever seen from MAC. Love the name of it too!

I don't have a lot of pinks in my collection, so I think this makes a nice addition.

Very Violet
I seem to be all about purples lately! I figure it's way to brighten things up. I've been in a bit of make up rut, always using neutrals.

Straw Harvest
I love this colour! I'm a big fan of golds. It's different enough from Goldmine, a little less yellow, with a touch of orange to it. It'll make a nice lid colour, perhaps with Hot Hot Hot in the crease!

I didn't originally plan to get this shadow. I'm not really a big fan of lustres. Luckily, this one has a bit more colour payoff than some other lustres. Pretty versatile, would make a nice lid colour or a nice highlight.

Nanogold, Straw Harvest (no flash)

Hot Hot Hot, Perky, Very Violet (no flash)

Nanogold, Straw Harvest, Hot Hot Hot, Perky, Very Violet (with flash)

I am totally loving these shadows. Nice and bright and makes me wish for actual Spring weather to get here! I may go back and take another peek at the shadows when this collection is officially released on Thursday. I am considering getting Lala, I don't have any bright pinks in my collection and I think it would go nice with some of these other colours. We'll see!

Are you planning on getting any of the eye shadows from this collection?


  1. When I saw Nanogold it looked ordinary to me, but when I swatched it, it had beautiful gold tones and felt more like a Satin than a Lustre, so I got it, along with most of the other shadows you got. What a great collection!

  2. Gorgeous shadows! I'm definitely getting Straw Harvest. I don't know about the other colours, I'm going to wait and see them in person =)

  3. @Kajal Couture - I agree, I probably would have passed it up if I hadn't been given it accidentally. I was surprised I liked it so much!

    @Marce - Straw Harvest is one of my faves from this collection. While I like the brighter colours, I tend to lean more towards neutral and more toned down shadows, so this is definitely a great one to get!